Caloenergia – Energy Efficiency Has A New Name!

Our unique innovative radiator with heat conductivity is a world first in the panel radiator industry and sets completely new standards in terms of technology and efficiency. With the CaloEnergia radiator, the concept of energy saving takes on a whole new meaning.

The new technology includes several unique advantages.

Up to 70% shorter heating time and a 95% reduced water flow in the radiator. Also, the efficient design radiates more heat for maximum comfort in your own home. All this is complemented by an energy saving of approx. 50%.

CaloEnergia radiators perfectly fit to all modern, energy-efficient heat generators such as solar panels, heat pumps, and condensing technologies. This low-loss heat transfer into the room allows for true energy efficiency.


The largest share of energy that is needed in the household is consumed for heating, namely about 75%. This is why the heating system can potentially offer the largest energy savings.

The current market for heat generation offers technologies such as heat pumps, solar panels and condensing technologies.

However, these solutions don’t offer nearly as much energy savings through efficient heat transfer.

CaloEnergia is the world’s only flat radiator with thermal conductivity, innovative and approximately energy saving. 50%.

Our radiators harmonize perfectly with any heat source and require only 5% of the water volume of a conventional radiator.